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19 October 2013 @ 04:53 pm
Sorry guys, completely forgot about livejournal for quite some time, been busey with work and school and pretty much havent followed any lj stuff til now, I've been mainly on Tumblr, if most of you know what that is, which a blog of sorts from people posting and creating and writing anything something like lj but involves either reblogging or liking a a blog post. I do keep up with alot of shows still some new and old that are still around but havent really found the time on lj to post much bc most of my time has been on tumblr which is weird becasue peopleseem to be goin on there more then on lj that i have seen.

Not sure if i will really keep up again with livejournal for a while but if you want to see art work you can follow me on tumblr under trisdadivergent.tumblr