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25 February 2016 @ 03:22 pm
I am promoting a com based off the Fifty Shades of Grey trilogy if anyone is interested to join that are still active or know people who are in to the movies and books and want to check it out, its still new theirs barely anything on there right now but would like to have help in spreading it. Its mainly the place to talk about the movie that stared Dakota Johnson and Jamie Dornan who plays the leads Anastasia Steele and Christian Grey. But can talk about the books if you have read them and tryin to get back into using LJ again since tumblr is mostly known to post graphics and theres already tons of Ana and christian blogs but not really a com where people can discuss it and post things and i havent found any for the movie or the book on here so I fugured give it a try and find some members who can help out if it gets bigger maybe if not ill prolly delete it and just leave the tumblr blogs since LJ has kinda gotten dead.

But if you do know people who use lj and love the books and movie and the actors from the movies check it out at 50shadestrilogy 50shadestrilogy 50shadestrilogy 50shadestrilogy